About Koco Kids

KOCO KIDS is one of the best preschoolS and day care centreS in Mumbai providing holistic education through fun filled activities.

We lFOCUS ON developing the humane aspect of their personalities. We activate the child's natural desire to learn through experiences, experiments and play.

EquipPED with all these fundamental values & skills, OUR CHILDREN DEVELOP ALL THE TRAITS NEEDED TO BE future leaders ready to take on the WORLD

KocoKids PlaySchool Activities Program

Reggio Emilia

We at KOCO KIDS provide a holistic education through fun filled Reggio Emilia.

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We at KOCO KIDS provide a holistic education through fun filled activities.

An Insight Into Koco Kids

Give your child the ability to succeed.

  • Developing Life Skills

    Life skills include emotional maturity and social competencies, such as general knowledge, cognitive ability, and language.

  • Growing With Love

    A child's mind is like a ball of clay. It needs to be unfolded with a lot of love and care. Love is the best form of communication.

  • Play Based Learning

    The methodology that we use at Koco Kids is activity based. Play is the bases of all learning.

  • The Importance Of Zero To Five

    The development of children during the first five years lays the foundation for all future learning, health and behaviour.

Our Weekly Classes

Unlock childs potential with the power of art.

Yoga Class

Yoga Classes are fun and creative. Kids will be encourage to respect and pay attention to their bodies, making sure each pose feels good and coming in and out of positions when they feel ready.

Painting Class

Art is essential in expanding the horizons of children beyond everyday life. Children that are exposed to art early are known to do better and go further in life as art creates an inner connection within the child to its outer environment.

Chess Class

Chess has been shown to improve self-confidence in children, fostering a deeper trust in their own abilities and power of cognition. Chess also helps in improving concentration and academic performance of child.

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