About Koco Kids

KOCO KIDS is a Reggio inspired preschool and daycare Center with an enquiry based, child centered approach to learning. Our team of qualified, experienced and loving educators act as guides, co learners and observers harnessing and leveraging the natural curiosity of a child by setting up learning provocations based on a child’s interests, asking questions to further understanding and performing activities alongside the child.

The environment at Koco Kids is spacious, hygienic and inspires imagination and enquiry. Our state of the art play gym, European standard learning manupilatives and rich collection of books and educational toys provoke the learner in every child.

Koco Kids Play School

Our Learning Philosophy

We at KOCO KIDS provide a holistic education through fun filled Reggio Emilia.

At Koco we follow a blend of the Reggio Emilia approach and the IB Early Years Program. The Reggio learning philosophy is an open ended, discovery base method which originated from a small town in an Italy and is hailed as one of the best learning styles for very young children across the world. In Reggio, children are respected as mature and capable individuals who are on a quest to discover the big beautiful world with their teacher as a guide. Given below are some of the salient features of the learning philosophy at Koco Kids.


We at KOCO KIDS provide a holistic education through fun filled activities.

An Insight Into Koco Kids

Give your child the ability to succeed.

  • Developing Life Skills

    Life skills include emotional maturity and social competencies, such as general knowledge, cognitive ability, and language.

  • Growing With Love

    A child's mind is like a ball of clay. It needs to be unfolded with a lot of love and care. Love is the best form of communication.

  • Play Based Learning

    The methodology that we use at Koco Kids is activity based. Play is the bases of all learning.

  • The Importance Of Zero To Five

    The development of children during the first five years lays the foundation for all future learning, health and behaviour.

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