Our Learning Philosophy

At Koco we follow a blend of the Reggio Emilia approach and the IB Early Years Program. The Reggio learning philosophy is an open ended, discovery base method which originated from a small town in an Italy and is hailed as one of the best learning styles for very young children across the world. In Reggio, children are respected as mature and capable individuals who are on a quest to discover the big beautiful world with their teacher as a guide. Given below are some of the salient features of the learning philosophy at Koco Kids.

The view of the child as a mature respectful learner who is capable of discovering the world around him.

  • The environment as the third teacher : Our learning space is huge, hygienic and boasts of a world class play gym consisting of slides, trampolines, a large ball pool, a beautiful outdoor play section with a sand table, a tree house and a water table.
  • Child centered pedagogy : Our curriculum is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and is also based on the IB Early years.
  • Empowering Teachers as guides, collaborators and observers : All our teachers hold Early Child Care degrees and boast of rich and varied teaching experiences. Our educators are qualified, experienced and loving professionals that are trained to guide each child individually, modify lessons to meet the child’s interests and observe each child so that we can work towards their individual development.
  • Solid Parent partnerships : Parents play an important role in the overall development of young learners. Parental involvement in the working of the school enables us to work together as a community towards the benefit of our children and function in an open and transparent manner.
  • Holistic all round development : At Koco Kids we work on the various skills of each child like social , cognitive , motor , general knowledge while making sure that the child is respected , loved and enjoys her learning experience enough to develop a profound love for learning for life.
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